Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things are sweet.

I feel so much better on the testosterone. It practically was a magic wand. The growth of my penis has been incredible. At its most erect it is about 4.5 inches, which for the amount of time I have been on T and for starting with a clitoris is amazing! I still have about 5 more years of growth to enjoy. If I were able to get it released from the labia, which eventually I am going to do, I would be protruding about 3 inches soft.

When it gets completely erect my mind is blown at how good it looks and feels. I knew I was going to have good growth but I didnt expect it to be this fast. I can now understand why a man's cock is his most prized possession and the one he honestly wants to talk about the most, even though he doesn't.

Not only am I getting good length but the width and girth is great. I could not be more happier with my cock. I am damn proud of it and I have never been more sexually satisfied up till now. I havent used it much with another person yet, but I want the first woman I have intercourse with to be special. It will be almost like I am losing my virginity all over again and I can't wait. I all ready know what intercourse feels like with my cock. I invented a smaller version of a male "pocket pussy" to fuck. It feels so good. I definitely know why straight guys crave pussy because that warm, soft, wet feeling inside the woman that you love has got to be the best drug on the planet (besides the all pervasive love of divine mother and the god within of course).

I have to be very careful and selective about who I sleep with. Right now there is not a condom that will fit on my cock, only because it is still attached to the labia. There are other coverings I can use but the safety of them in protecting me from STD's is in question. Someday I hope to invent all kinds of products for the Transgendered Male. I have all ready invented a pocket pussy and a stand to pee device, both are being developed for production as I write this.

I feel so much better as a male. I was born transgendered and this is the second lifetime in a row I was born this way, but that is another story for another post on another day.

michael sigfried